Sheepies in your team

Recently I sheared some sheep with my Dad, we did about 35 throughout the course of a morning and were pleased to get the job done. I often help my Dad on the family farm and find it invigorating, refreshing and good fun – but all that’s a story for another day.

What I wanted to talk about was how I found myself relating the process of shearing a sheep to inducting a new member of a team – obviously I’m not suggesting that people are on the same intellectual plain as sheep – but please just bear with me…

The first part of the process (shearing a sheep that is), is to ensure that you have to get them in the right position and show them that you are in control, but without being mean. Well (in my bizarre brain) this is similar to the first moments of inducting a new employee, get them into the business and their new position, get a contract and job description signed and set clear, fair boundaries and expectations from day 1.

The second part of the process is to actually shear the sheep, which takes me about 5 minutes (can you believe some people can do it in 40 seconds?! Crazy! Anyway I digress….). This is akin to the induction and probationary period of the new member of the team, you have to get this part right as you don’t want any pain for you, the sheep or indeed your new employee – the induction needs to be done quickly, effectively and clearly, whilst the probationary period gives you that opportunity to really get to know the sheep, sorry the new member of the team!

The one thing to remember though, is that whilst you are taking all this care in shearing the sheep, it may just decide to sh*t on you….. be warned!

A strange one I know, but my mind works in mysterious ways. Take care everyone.

Edd (C&E Consult).

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