A bit about us…

Charlie & Edd focus on giving relevant, grounded and bespoke advice to each and every Dental Practice we deal with. We aim to remain flexible in our approaches and treat every Practice as an individual and bespoke business. We focus and have great expertise (and indeed experience) of building a truly health based and prevention led Practice!

We can assist you in getting your business vision straight – so everyone knows exactly the end goals are and what we are all working towards. Building long term relationships is core to our approach, which can help support and guide Practices to achieve their business aims and objectives.

Although Charlie & Edd’s core area of expertise is building a truly health based and prevention led Practice, we can help your business take those steps to success in many other areas too! Whether this be improving profitability, cost base analysis & control, cash flow forecasting, team management strategies, recruitment, new patient processes, Manager Mentoring/Coaching or exit planning.

We don’t want to force you into doing anything that you don’t think is appropriate for your business, but we do want you to take ownership of the future and destiny of that business and then support you wholeheartedly in achieving those aims. It is often great to prioritise the top 3 areas of concern for you, rectify/improve them – then move onto the next 3 areas, and so on.

We don’t want to come into your Practice, give you lots of advice and leave, with you feeling more stressed out than before we visited – we want to support you for the long term, helping your business take those ‘steps to success!’

Charlie and Edd combined have vast clinical and non clinical experience in every area of Practice life and Business in general, enabling C&E Consult to offer a truly unique & encapsulating service on behalf of our customers and partners.

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