We love supporting Practice owners, Managers (both current and aspiring!) and teams to encourage them to take ownership of the success of your Dental Practice – we want to support you in taking those steps to success!

Are you not a little frustrated with the one off training days in this industry, which simply make you aware of the issues you may face and processes you ‘really should’ be implementing? What is the legacy of these courses? Where is the on-going support and guidance…? This is where C&E Consult can help with bespoke coaching services. So what areas can we help you with? Well to name but a few:

1) Developing and maintaining a health based & prevention led Practice,
2) Responsible sales, up-selling and continuity of sales,
3) Customer service excellence and front of house success,
4) Patient experience management,
5) Financial management, including implementation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs),
6) Embracing technology for profitability,
7) Marketing, advertising and promotions.

With the C&E Consult team supporting and coaching your team in these areas of your Practice operation will allow structure, focus, great communication and ultimately success! This will benefit you, your team and most importantly – your patients!

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We practice what we preach. Below you’ll find articles designed to make your life easier and help you optimise your Practice. Enjoy! And if there’s anything you’d like us to feature let us know.