Building a prevention led & health based practice

Charlie and Edd (C&E Consult) have the goal of helping other Dental Businesses build a TRULY prevention led and health based Practice. We use the example of Charlie’s surgery in Plymouth, to help guide and advise other Dentists on how to achieve success in this area. We truly believe in this strategy. Doubts? Some benefits are:

1) Increased health benefits to your patients,
2) £20,000+ per month of core patient plan income ,
3) More Hygiene days than Dentist Days in the appointment book,
4) Overall income of £560,000+,
5) Increased patient satisfaction,
6) More time off,
7) A more valuable business.

Bear in mind, Charlie’s Practice is a single Dentist Practice in Plymouth, with a Hygiene Therapist and Hygienist. Imagine what YOU could achieve at your Practice?

We also realise the absolute importance of being able to effectively manage your business. This includes expert advice on how to measure the success of your teams efforts via Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Having measurable, understandable and relevant KPIs is a really important part of running a successful Practice – and we really want to help you succeed!

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We practice what we preach. Below you’ll find articles designed to make your life easier and help you optimise your Practice. Enjoy! And if there’s anything you’d like us to feature let us know.